Gina Carano’s mystery medical condition is still a mystery.

Despite reporters’ best attempts, no one has been able to figure out what specifically caused Gina Carano to pull out of her fight against Sarah D’Alelio this past weekend. Team Carano clearly wants to keep condition/illness/injury (???) a secret, but they did at least send Strikeforce’s Scott Coker another statement to release to the press. It’s vague, but it does note that Gina expects to resume training very shortly.

“Gina is feeling much better after having undergone some medical attention and is looking forward to getting back into training very soon. She would like to express thanks to Team Jackson for a wonderful training camp, Strikeforce, and the fans.”

We may never know what happened with Gina, but if she wants to keep it a secret, I can respect that. I wouldn’t want the whole world knowing what’s wrong with me either.

Image via Esther Lin for