Jon Fitch seems to be recovering well from shoulder surgery. He tweeted yesterday that he has been cleared to resume training in September and will be ready to go for UFC 138 (tentative) on November 19 in San Jose.

Great news. I will be cleared to start training camp sept 1st. I’ll be more than ready for #UFC in San Jose.

It’s a little unclear at the moment if Fitch is a lock for the card or if he merely hopes to fight at UFC 138, but considering he trains out of San Jose at AKA it seems logical that he would fight card if he’s healthy enough.

The next question is who Fitch would fight. He made it clear last month that he only wants to fight the top dogs in the division and he still has unfinished business with BJ Penn so that’s probably a safe bet, but there are other options out there like Jake Shields and possibly Nate Marquardt should he defeat Rick Story this weekend.