Man, on the first round, I’ll tell you [Werdum] did the right thing. I have told him before that Overeem would get a little tired on the second and third rounds. On the first minutes of the fight, you can really go for it against him because he’s much dangerous, he has his full power, he’s strong, he’s muscle… But, on the second and third round, he’d slow it down. It was what we all saw. On some moments Werdum went for it and could’ve gotten the knockout, but Werdum was also tired. He didn’t stay on the top, he didn’t used his ground game at any moment, he didn’t do the clinch work, so… I guess that if Werdum had pushed it a little harder he would have got the win… All fighters have weak and strong points, not only him. Every single one of us. We’re human beings. And I’ll tell you something: he showed me the way. I’ll get ready to do a good fight. Now I have to train just like I did for Fedor, or more. Because in case I train less than that, I won’t feel confident. The difference is that I won’t let Overeem rest for even a second, I’ll impose my game. Of couse I’ll respect him, since he’s extremely dangerous. I won’t make any mistake because, if you do so, he’ll knock you out. He’s a striker. But I’ll not worry about him. I’ll worry about me, with my trainings, my game plan and, with God’s blessing, everything will work out just fine… ’ll do my job, set a great camp for this bout and I’ll go for the win. I had told you before I fought Fedor that people were like: ‘Fedor, Fedor…’ And I used to say: ‘guys, I’d like to tell you I’m not sitting at home eating pizza and drinking Coke and watching movies. I was training a lot and he’s not a superman, he’s a human being like any other’. I love entering the octagon as the underdog, I like being booed at, it only motivates me and gives me the strength to go there and prove that I’m not fighting MMA just to be another number and put some money in my pocket. I’m there to fight and make some space for myself, and be among the best.

— Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva talking to Tatame about his upcoming bout against Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem will be the favorite heading into his Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix semi-final bout against Bigfoot Silva, but I definitely don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that he will win. As large as Overeem is, Silva is even bigger and if he manages to get on top of Overeem like he did with Fedor, there’s a very good chance he’s going to win this fight. Clearly, Silva knows he has to wear him down and beat him in the later rounds, but weathering that first round storm won’t be easy. I wouldn’t call it a toss-up, but Silva is definitely a legitimate threat.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime