Jon Jones sits down with SB Nation’s Luke Thomas to talk about a variety of topics including some refugee advocacy efforts he’s involved in, his upcoming title defense against Rampage Jackson and his thoughts on the heavyweight division. Jones thinks it would be “cool” to be the heavyweight champion of the world, but he’s “totally fine” with being the light heavyweight champion instead.

I think personally it would be cool to be considered a Heavyweight champion of the world. I think it doesn’t get much better than that. But I’m totally fine with being the Light Heavyweight champion. I’m 23 and have lots of years to mature as an athlete and in my physique. I’m also getting smarter with the decisions I make. I have a really good nutritionist that’s been helping me. Her name’s Kelly Keegan. She’s designing all my diets and all the fitness things I do. The type of workouts that I’m doing. She gives my girl friend consistent, new recipes and tricks on what can make me perform and look my best. That’s making it a lot easier for me. My last two fights, the Bader fight and the Shogun fight, I felt extremely powerful. Against Shogun I competed at weigh-in, I was about 217 and had 5.25% body fat which is extremely low so yeah, everything is working out and I’m making it easier on myself.