24 hours later, the reason Nate Marquardt failed his medicals for UFC on Versus 4 is still unclear. And we’re not going to find out unless Marquardt himself tells everyone what happened. Reporters have attempted to get the story from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, but due to strict HIPAA laws in Pennsylvania, they are unable to release the details. PSAC executive director Greg Sirb explained the situation to MMA Weekly:

“Nate has known for probably about a month and a half. He knew the situation. It was no surprise. Everybody (including the UFC) knew. Everybody’s known. I think everybody assumed he was going to be able to qualify. I thought he would (qualify); I really did.”

“We’ve known about it and we gave him every opportunity. The last report we got was three o’clock (Saturday). We gave him as much leeway as we could. Obviously we’ve got a live event, you’ve got to make the call. The UFC made the call when we said no he’s not going to meet it. Pretty straight forward stuff. He had to meet these requirements and there were no and, if, or buts about it and unfortunately he did not.”

“We can’t say anything. This state is real tight on those types of laws. HIPPA laws are very strict. If Nate’s here, I don’t know if he’s here or not, he’s free to talk.”

Sirb added that Marquardt has been indefinitely suspended and will have to submit a “new report.” If that mystery report meets their requirements, they will take him off suspension.

Of course, that’s the least of Marquardt’s problems now that he lost his job in the UFC too. To make matters worse for Marquardt, Dana White told viewers on the UFC on Versus 4 pre-fight show broadcast (video above) that he will never fight for the UFC again, which is basically a death blow to his career in a Zuffa dominated market.

“I think it’s pretty clear to the fans and everyone else that I’m disgusted with Nate Marquardt. He’s been cut by the UFC and he won’t fight for the UFC again. Bottom line: What Nate Marquardt did is bad enough to be cut by the UFC…. He has no business fighting in the UFC…. This is one of those situations where, because of the laws in Pennsylvania, Nate Marquardt is going to have to man up and tell the world why he didn’t pass. And when he does, I think everyone will understand why he was cut from the UFC…. I give a lot of guys chances, and a lot of guys make mistakes. Nate Marquardt is one of those guys. So for me to come out and say that Nate Marquardt isn’t going to fight in the UFC anymore, it’s got to be pretty serious.”

As of now, it looks like the ball is in Marquardt’s court. You wouldn’t know it by just reading that quote, but it sounded like Dana could change his mind about blacklisting Marquardt if he “man’s up” and tells the world what he did or failed to do. Marquardt’s camp released a statement claiming that Marquardt would “personally address all issues this Tuesday,” but it’s unclear if that means he’ll just address the situation with the commission or tell everyone what happened too.

It’s worth noting though that it wasn’t a failure to get in range to make weight. The video below shows that Marquardt was already right on target.

Update: The PSAC has confirmed that Nate Marquardt did not fail a drug test.

Sirb confirmed that if Marquardt had failed a drug test, the commission would have released those findings.

“I’ve been here 22 years and we do not embarrass anybody,” he said. “But we would have said, ‘drug test.'”

Marquardt is expected to make a statement tomorrow.