A few observations from UFC on Versus 4:

-How irksome is it that a TUF-created “villain” and all-around “man you want to dislike” is actually becoming a pretty decent and dangerous heavyweight.  I think it’s time to test Matt Mitrione with a non-tomato can opponent, though.  He’s crushed enough cans already.

-Don’t you just love it when two well-known strikers clash and somehow grapple for eighty-percent of their bout instead of slugging it out?  What’s sadder, the fact that John Howard seemed to be angling for the “Submission of the Night” award, the fact that Matt Brown was the one closest to nailing the submission, or that fact that the supposed stand-up war never materialized?  I vote for number three.

-As Charlie Brenneman proved, dreams do come true.  Also proved: his Lock Haven University wrestling kicks the ass of Rick Story’s Southern Oregon University wrestling.

-It took three people to make Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry’s fight awesome.  Kongo, obviously, for surviving the storm and scoring the KO, Barry for taking it to him, and referee Dan Miragliotta for letting the fighters fight.