Didn’t see this coming.

MyFox9.com is reporting that Brett Rogers has been arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from an allegedly violent altercation with his wife. According to the report, Rogers had been drinking before getting into an argument with his wife. During the argument, Rogers’ wife struck him, at which point he retaliated by strangling her and repeatedly punched her in the face and head.

Major-league Mixed Martial Artist and Apple Valley, Minn. resident Brett Rogers was arrested and jailed in connection with assaulting his wife Wednesday in their south metro home. She was reportedly strangled, punched repeatedly in the head and face and lost a tooth in the struggle.

Brett Charles Rogers, 30, has been charged with assault in the third degree, domestic assault by strangulation and pattern of stalking conduct — all felonies –in Dakota County. He was also charged with endangerment of a child, a gross misdameanor.

His wife blacked out from being choked, suffered a golf ball sized wound on her face among smaller wounds. The couples daughter had tried to intervene after she saw Rogers strike her mother.

Rogers admits he had been drinking before an argument broke out with he and his wife. He claims she punched him and he returned force.

The official complaint, which can be found here (via BE), paints an even darker picture of the incident and points to prior incidents of abuse with not only his wife, but also his children.

According to the complaint, his 10-year old daughter claims that Rogers had struck her and his 9-year old daughter within the past two years in addition to his wife. Furthermore, a neighbor, who were watching the children while their mother was in the hospital, said the children told him/her that “that they were afraid to go home, and that their father had ‘choked’ them in the past.”

Despite having “a golf ball size bump above her left eyebrow, a bump on her right eyebrow, and one in the middle of her forehead, injuries to her ears and jaw, along with blood on her face and a missing tooth”, Rogers’ wife initially denied that she had been abused and had merely fallen to the ground. She later admitted to the altercation, but claimed the incident was her fault and didn’t want him charged with assault for fear he would get in trouble with his employer.

As it’s described in the complaint, Rogers wife alleged that “he became angry and grabbed her with both hands around her neck and squeezed.” She was able to get away and escaped to the backyard, but Rogers “followed her and got her on the ground and began hitting her about her head and face, causing her to ‘black out.'”

Brett Rogers has been charged with one felony count of assault in the third degree, one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation, one felony count of pattern of stalking conduct and one gross misdemeanor count of endangerment of a child. He is currently incarcerated at Dakota County Jail with bail set at $100,000. He has a bail hearing set for tomorrow, July 1, at 11:00am.

Update: Not surprisingly, Dana White has confirmed that Brett Rogers has been released from Strikeforce following his arrest.