We now have an answer about Chael Sonnen’s immediate future. Well, sort of. Dana White told HDNet’s Ron Kruck in the interview above that Sonnen will return to action as soon as they get him a fight. But what about his licensing issues in California and Nevada? Well, oddly, Dana is under the impression that Sonnen has already been granted a new license. Transcription via Fight Opinion:

RON KRUCK: “Chael Sonnen, his suspension in California came to an end. Your thoughts on that?”

DANA WHITE: “Should have been ended a month ago, they’re a month late but better late than never. You know, we’ll get him in there and get him fighting.

“And I actually got one for you and this is something nobody asked me this today, but people are saying, ‘Well, what’s the difference between Chael Sonnen and Nate Marquardt, that he’s going to do this to Nate Marquardt…’ Chael Sonnen got busted, paid his due, paid his fines, went through all this other stuff, and… then came back and applied for his license and now has a license. Nate Marquardt did that once and then came back and then got popped again over in New Jersey and had to come back at in the regular levels before he could fight in Pennsylvania and then failed his medicals in Pennsylvania. That’s the difference between Chael Sonnen and Nate Marquardt.”

RON KRUCK: “Great point. When should we expect Sonnen to be back?”

DANA WHITE: “Any time, now, I mean as we soon as we can make a fight for him, we’ll bring him back.”

If Sonnen has been licensed, then that’s news to me. His suspension only ended this past week, and the CSAC made it clear he would have to appear before the commission once again before they would grant him a license. As far as we know, Sonnen hasn’t even applied yet, let alone attended a hearing. Furthermore, the NSAC’s Keith Kizer stated in the past that Sonnen would have to clear up his issues with the CSAC before sorting things out with the NSAC. It is possible Sonnen got licensed in another state, but nothing has been reported as of yet. Hopefully, we get a little more clarity on this before the weekend is up.