“I definitely put on more weight than I would like. I need to cut weight and it won’t be easy. I’ll have a lot of problems until the fight in Brazil, but I’ve gotta do it. I don’t want to fight at heavyweight, so I gotta cut that f–king weight… It’s difficult to adjust yourself [to another country]. There’s the jetlag thing, and it’s difficult to make weight since Brazil doesn’t have the distilled water I use in the U.S. and the food I need to eat. It’s always difficult to change your routine when you go to another country. I feel stupid because I can’t communicate with people from the hotels and can’t even say how I want my eggs. It’s clearly a pain in the ass.”

— Forrest Griffin telling Sherdog he has extra weight to cut for his rematch with Shogun Rua at UFC 134

Forrest Griffin is already one of the biggest fighters, if not the biggest, in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. He doesn’t give an actual number, but it’s been said that Griffin typically walks around at 240 lbs. between fights, so you have to figure he’s larger than that.

What that means for his rematch with Shogun Rua is anyone’s guess. Rampage Jackson, who has a tendency to blow up between fights, recently explained that many of his training camps, such as the one for UFC 130, were more focused on losing weight than sharpening his skills. It’s a mistake he claims he won’t make in the lead-up to his title fight against Jon Jones at UFC 135. It sounds like Griffin is facing the same uphill battle with a more dangerous opponent at the end of the tunnel, but every fighter is different, so it’s hard to predict how prepared Griffin will actually be for Shogun come fight time.

Either way, proving his first victory over Shogun wasn’t a “fluke” isn’t going to be an easy task.

Image via Sherdog