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On this week’s edition of Pro MMA Radio, NJACB’s Nick Lembo joined Larry Pepe to discuss the controversial Nate Marquardt situation. Lembo shed some light on one of the biggest unanswered questions: Why was Marquardt allowed to fight at UFC 128 in New Jersey before his therapeutic use exemption was approved/denied? Transcription via MMA Mania:

The first issue is that we decided at that point in time, it was February and we can’t grant the TUE because we need more documentation. Nate could have pulled out of the fight or he could have agreed to testing from that point and testing after the fight and monitoring, which ceased on June 23rd from this commission, which was a four and a half month process. Nate agreed to this testing and requirements and he was pretty compliant up until the end and basically our first concern was, people asked, “Why would you let him fight Dan Miller if you weren’t sure you were going to grant him a TUE?” Again, he’s getting documents from a licensed medical physician and he’s a good amount of medical documentation at the time and you can monitor this because one of the things he agreed to was to be subject to random blood testing twice at times and dates of our choice. Twice before the fight, on the night of the fight and twice immediately thereafter. We decided it was something we could tell if his levels were improper or performance enhancing or outside normal limits and he agreed to that testing and did undergo that testing and was okay with that testing. He was allowed to fight Dan Miller and his fight night and post-fight testing came back as acceptable levels and that’s why his decision wasn’t named to a no contest. Then we began the next step, which was getting him off and complying with the rest of the requirements.

Lembo went on to detail the rest of the timeline between UFC 128 and UFC on Versus 4 that yielded one failed test and resulted  in their decision to not grant Marquardt a TUE. If there was one critical mistake Marquardt made in all of this, it was choosing to go leave the endocrinologist and return to his personal physician for the TRT in the weeks leading up to UFC on Versus 4. As Lembo essentially confirmed, that raised a red flag and contributed to their decision to issue the random blood test that Marquardt ended up failing in addition to putting his testosterone levels too high to fight at UFC on Versus 4.

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