Few coaches know the ins and outs of MMA training like Greg Jackson. The Yoda of mixed martial arts developed 10 world champions and has consistently been the top trainer in the game.

He’s won Best Coach, Best Gym and Coach of the Year all in the last two years. Needless to say, his MMA training pedigree is unprecedented. Jackson is sharing that training prowess with aspiring fighters and fans at TapouT’ VTC.

In the short clip above Greg Jackson demonstrates how to apply the triangle choke, which is broken down in five easy steps here:

  1. First apply an “over-hook” on one of the opponent’s arms. Grab hold of the fighter’s arm, pull it in toward your stomach and latch it down so it’s stabilized.
  2. Your opposite arm now becomes the “transition arm.” With the transition arm you grab the opponent’s forearm and push it back by extending your arm fully. The opponent is going to pull his arm in toward him to escape the hold and as he does that you’re going to pull the arm down until it’s secured between your legs. After he’s close to your body, lift both legs over the opponent and lock in the scissor around his neck.
  3. Next you want to grab his head with your transition arm that is now free. Pull his head down and then grab hold of your right shin and pull it tight against his neck.
  4. After his head is somewhat stabilized by one leg, extend your opposite leg and then squeeze it against your other foot to, as Jackson says, “close the door.”
  5. To apply the finishing pressure, you move over the opponent’s arm that you originally hooked, squeeze your knees together, pull the head down and drive your hips up so the pressure comes from all four directions.

In five simple steps, you’ll be able to finish off your opponent with the triangle choke. Learning from an MMA training guru like Greg Jackson is a nearly fool-proof way to improve your current fighting style or learn the basics of MMA.

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