Injuries continue to plague Rashad Evans’ scheduled fights in one form or another. MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani reported earlier this evening that Phil Davis has suffered a knee injury and will not be able to compete at UFC 133.

Phil Davis has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 133 main event fight against Rashad Evans due to a knee injury, MMA Fighting has learned from sources. No word just yet on who, if anyone, Evans will now fight on the Aug. 6 card. UFC officials could not be reached for comment on Tuesday evening.

According to sources, the UFC is expected to announce Davis’ injury and the new UFC 133 main event in the coming hours.

An official announcement from the UFC has yet to come, however HeadKickLegend is hearing that Lyoto Machida has agreed to step in on short notice to face Evans.

Instead, I have learned from sources close to the situation that Rashad Evans will be facing the one man who defeated him, Lyoto Machida. The fight will be a rematch from their UFC Light Heavyweight Title fight over two years ago at UFC 98. The first fight was entertaining but it showed a real hole in Rashad’s game. He was unable to figure out Machida’s timing and suffered a knockout loss because of it.

I was also thinking a rematch with Tito Ortiz could be a possibility, but Machida does make more sense. No matter who wins, the UFC will be left with a title contender for Jones/Rampage. I’m not sure you could say the same for Evans-Ortiz II.

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Update: It turns out Tito Ortiz was the UFC’s first choice, but he turned it down. He explained why shortly after the news broke on Twitter.

I have a life and things to take care of. The fight game is about making the right choices of my career. If you knew what I have been going through you all would understand. Peaking for a fight is what makes a fighter unstoppable! Timing is everything in life. This is a rebuild year for me not do or die. The time will come again! #positive

I’m sure Dana White wasn’t pleased, but I can’t really blame him. He finally has a little momentum behind him after the Ryan Bader win. No sense in losing that by jumping in on short notice to fight Rashad Evans when you’re not fully prepared.

As for Lyoto Machida, MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta confirmed that the UFC has offered the fight to him, but he hasn’t given them answer just yet.

Update: According Dana White, Lyoto Machida was in for Phil Davis at UFC 133… for about an hour. He initially confirmed to Kevin Iole that Machida had taken the fight, but then issued a correction shortly thereafter.

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Brazilian website UOL Esporte then reported that Machida had turned down the fight (thanks Ed Lib!). Machida’s wife confirmed the news to Fighter’s Only Magazine and explained why they said thanks, but no thanks.

So Lyoto won’t definitely take the fight versus Rashad Evans at UFC 133?

Fabiola Machida: No, he won’t accept the fight at all. There are only three weeks for the preparation, Eduardo, and it just isn’t possible in the career of an athlete… three weeks of preparation.

He has only been maintaining his conditioning and that doesn’t prepare you for a fight at all. So, he didn’t accept for a professional matter – to accept would be to kick (damage) his professionalism.”

Did the UFC offer him a title shot in case of a victory over “Suga”?

No, they absolutely didn’t talk about it

Circling back to Tito, he did tell SB Nation’s Luke Thomas days after his big win that he could be ready for UFC 133 if need be.

Luke Thomas: How fast can you turn around if you could game plan?

Tito Ortiz: Two weeks.

Luke Thomas: You could fight at UFC 133, 134, or 135 easily, right?

Tito Ortiz: Whatever they want, I’m ready. I’m healthy, I’m good, no problems. My knee’s a little sore from when Ryan kicked the inside of my knee but I checked it so his foot must be killing today. That and his chin.

Apparently, Tito had a change of heart of when the call actually came. If not Tito or Machida, I’m not sure who else there is to fight Rashad. Bring in someone like Matt Hamill?