Last week MMA training guru Greg Jackson dove into the triangle choke to show exactly how to apply the simple submission. Jackson and TapouT VTC are at it again this week as they break down the details of how to apply an isolation arm bar from guard using a 90-degree cut.

The short online MMA training video clip above is broken down into five easy steps below:

  1. The first step is to isolate his arm. To do this from the guard position you need to dig inside of his arm by bringing the hand from the outside in and straightening it completely to knock his hand away. From there bring your arm back in with the thumb up to lock it in.
  2. Take the opposite hand and bring it over the top, keeping the elbow in tight, and pull his shoulder down. This is the first step to the isolation process. Your hips are going to slide out a little so slide your arms down right up onto the elbow.
  3. The opponent is going to try and square up and move back to the center to get his arm out of the isolation position. As he does that, cut to 90 degrees by sticking your butt out one way and using the oblique muscle to pull yourself in.
  4. The leg that corresponds to the isolated arm is then going to come up and over his head. Bring both feet and knees together to squeeze your legs around the armpit.
  5. Finally, roll his pinky to the chest, pick your hips up to complete the arm bar and a tap should soon follow.

After following these five easy steps, you’ll be able to submit your opponent with an arm bar from guard. No one understands MMA training better than Greg Jackson, so follow these steps, join TapouT VTC for more videos and take your game to a new level.

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