Nate Marquardt’s first hurdle to getting back in the cage has been cleared. MMA Junkie reported earlier today that the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission has lifted Marquardt’s suspension stemming from his elevated testosterone levels prior to his scheduled UFC on Versus 4 bout.

PSAC Eexecutive director Gregory Sirb today confirmed with ( that Marquardt is no longer facing any sanctions from the commission after “passing all medicals and meeting our requirements.”

Maquardt’s camp followed it up with a statement saying that Nate is looking forward to competing again and hopes to do so in the welterweight division.

“Today Nate Marquardt was taken off suspension by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission,” the statement from Marquardt’s camp read. “This comes less than three weeks after not being medically cleared to fight at UFC on Versus 4 in Pittsburgh and being placed on suspension. Nate is no longer restricted from fighting in any jurisdiction and is looking forward to competing in mixed martial arts again as soon as possible.”

“Nate is currently fielding a large number of offers from several MMA promotions and is excited at the wide range of options he has before him,” the statement continued. “Nate is still one of the best MMA fighters in the world and will resume his career in the sport after deciding which venue is right for him. He felt very comfortable with the drop to welterweight and will most likely compete in that weight class. Nate would like to thank his sponsors, family, and friends who supported him through this difficult time.”

Any guesses where he will go? Bellator? ProElite? DREAM? Maybe even Strikeforce? So far, all his management will say is they’re talking to “everyone,” including Bellator, DREAM and many other smaller promotions.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog