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Tito Ortiz ultimately stepped up and took the fight with Rashad Evans, but it turns out Dana White did have some interesting choices from the middleweight division. As you can see from the tweet above, he confirmed on a conference call today that both Chael Sonnen and Chris Leben expressed interest in the bout, but Dana wasn’t interested in pulling a fighter from another weight class in to fight Evans.

So what was plan C if Tito didn’t come around and take the fight? Vladimir Matyushenko from the UFC 133 undercard. No offense to Vlad, but thank you Tito for taking the fight. Evans vs. Matyushenko wouldn’t have been the most exciting main event.

Update: Here’s another reason it’s good Tito took the fight. Vladamir Matyushenko is now off the card with an injury. Matt Hamill is replacing him against Alexander Gustafsson on the UFC 133 undercard. If Tito didn’t take it they would have had to go with plan D, which probably would have been Hamill.