On September 24, two of Rashad Evans most heated rivals, Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson, will meet in a light heavyweight title fight at UFC 135. Who he wants to win and who he thinks will win, however, are not one in the same.

In an interview with MMA Weekly Radio, Evans explained that he’s actually pulling for Rampage, but doesn’t think he takes the sport seriously enough anymore to get his belt back.

“I think it’s going to be Jon Jones,” Evans told MMAWeekly Radio when asked to predict a winner. “I would like to see Rampage catch him with something, but I honestly believe Rampage is not doing what he needs to do, and he’s not going to do what he needs to do to win the title.”

“He’s just been living off of fumes of his Pride days, and he really needs to go and take things seriously,” Evans commented. “If he took things seriously, I think he might be able to do something, but he ain’t trying to take nothing serious.”

Well, I suppose that answers the question of who Rashad despises more. To be honest, I never really understood why Rampage and Rashad couldn’t get along. I suppose it’s an ego thing, but his beef with Jones does feel more real than his drama with Rampage ever did.

All the drama aside, I do have to agree with Rashad on his prediction. Rampage is and will always be dangerous, but I’m afraid he’s going to be overwhelmed by Jones’ unorthodox striking fairly early in their title fight.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime