All signs are pointing to Octagon girl Brittney Palmer and the UFC parting ways… except one… maybe.

Earlier today, Fighters Only Magazine reported that Palmer and the UFC had split, but didn’t know why. Her removal from the Octagon Girl roster on seemingly confirmed the news and a pair of cryptic messages on Palmer’s Twitter account only fueled the fire.

Holy shit this is starting to get scary. My luck is tragic.

Thanks for all the good luck wishes! I’m figuring it all out. Life is full of surprises. This will definitely keep me grounded. Over and out.

While it certainly seems like Palmer’s “professional hot chick” days in the UFC are over, Dana White added a little confusion to the situation when he responded to an angry fan on Twitter who presumed the UFC had fired her.

we didn’t get rid of @brittneypalmer so quit listening to hack websites and fuckin relax.

@brittneypalmer these websites love to report shit without facts!!

I guess there are two ways of reading that. Either Dana is saying Palmer is still with the UFC or he’s merely implying that she left the company on her own accord. I’m not sure, but if  she is gone, it sounds like she’ll have plenty of things to keep her self busy with including a calendar shoot, her paintings and art school.

So… is it too soon to ask for Natasha back???

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Update: Maybe Brittney Palmer is still with the UFC. Her profile has been reinstated on