If you needed proof to know whether the unlikely accident-insurance policy the UFC recently landed through Houston Casualty Insurance Company was good for the fighters, look no further than Cub Swanson. He’s the very first fighter to use the insurance after a sparring partner nailed him full force with a knee to the face, breaking his orbital, nasal, cheek and jaw bones. Swanson told MMA Junkie he was so frustrated when it happened, he wanted to quit for a year.

“Right when it happened, I immediately went to the corner and went, ‘I need to take a year off. I’m done.’ I was so frustrated. You train for months at a time, and it just gets taken away like that.”

Swanson’s frustration would have likely been accompanied by a wider range of emotions such as rage and despair if Swanson didn’t have the insurance that literally kicked in a day before the incident. The policy saved him $50,000 in medical costs that he says would have completely drained the savings he spent his entire career building. For that, Swanson is very grateful the UFC found a company willing to insure the fighters.

“We knew it’d be tough for them to find a company willing to insure 400 ultimate fighters. I’m glad they found it. And they said the coverage that we have is a start, and I believe it’ll evolve into even better coverage. I’m super thankful. I can’t wait to get back in there and repay them.”

These types of incidents are exactly what the insurance was intended for. I’m sure some fighters will find a way to take advantage of it and pull out of fights they normally wouldn’t have, but it’s difficult to argue against it when you hear stories like Cub Swanson’s.

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