Jon Fitch, who’s still recovering from shoulder surgery, recently saw his rematch with BJ Penn go to Carlos Condit, and while he understands why he was skipped over, he was certainly disappointed to see his chance at securing a title shot go down the drain. He expects to get cleared to fight in August, but he isn’t sure who he’s going to fight next since all the guys he “should be fighting” are already committed to other fights. Because his title shot is vanishing before his eyes, he’s “irritated, pissed off and wants to hurt some people.” Who that will be, he doesn’t know, but he makes it clear in this interview with that there’s no one he wants to hurt more than Nick Diaz. Fitch says Diaz is the only person to “talk shit” about him and he doesn’t appreciate it. He also doesn’t appreciate Diaz criticizing the UFC and its wrestlers. He thinks Diaz is highly overrated and can’t even beat an “average wrestler.” If Diaz doesn’t like his grinding style of fighting, too bad says Fitch. It gets him wins and he believes that what’s this sport is about — finding out which style of fighting is the best.

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