Ryan Bader may be reeling from a stunning loss to Tito Ortiz, but the former All-American wrestler still knows his stuff in terms of ground and pound wrestling, as seen in this TapouT VTC MMA training video above.

Bader breaks down the trip from double under hook, which can be executed virtually anywhere in the octagon. Bader demonstrates the trip from double under hook from clinch in this MMA training video. Here are five easy steps that break down the trip:

  1. Secure one under-hook by hooking your right arm under his armpit. Use your left arm to secure the opponent’s free hand by holding his wrist so he can’t punch or break the first under-hook. Deliver knees to his legs and midsection to wear him down.
  2. Next, use your strength to pummel in and force your left arm under his armpit to secure the second under-hook. Once that arm is hooked under his, lock both hands together. There are a couple different ways to lock, but Bader uses the finger interlock method.
  3. From here, keep your right elbow up and pull him to your right side. Take a big step aback with your right foot, pivoting on your left and bringing the opponent with you.
  4. Next, set up the trip by pulling him in tight and swinging your left leg behind his right leg. Now the opponent has zero support behind him. Make sure to keep your left leg as close to his leg as possible.
  5. Finally, lay back to cause the trip, and while you’re both falling, turn him over drive his back into the ground. Now you have side control and can pound from there.

After following these five easy steps, you’ll be able to trip your opponent from double under-hook and dominate on the ground from there. See more MMA training videos from Bader and other pros at TapouTVTC.com.

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