A few observations from Bellator 47:

-Neil Grove versus Zak Jensen was everything a heavyweight bout should be.  It was fast, furious, violent and blessedly short.  Really, after that high pace, if it had made it out of the first round no way were Grove and Jensen going to be doing anything other than doing a lot of hugging and grunting while painfully out of breath.  So hooray for Grove’s heavy hands!

-Chris Horodecki got the job done, albeit in a somewhat pedestrian fashion against a “gimme” opponent.  And if that win bought him a berth in the next lightweight tournament, well, cool, we’ll get see him wrecked by the first “Pitbull” brother that crosses his path.

-Thank you, Alexandre Bezerra, for reminding us that the rear naked choke is for opponents who absolutely refuse to tap.

-If you look up the word “inexorable” in the dictionary, the definition reads “unyielding or unalterable”.  There’s also a picture there of Brazilian stud Marlon Sandro bushwhacking Nazareno Malegarie with superior boxing for three full rounds on his way to an inevitable unanimous decision win.

-Damn shame it took Ronnie Mann about fourteen minutes and forty-two seconds to finally pull the trigger on opponent Pat Curran.  But in those last eighteen seconds, boy was it on.

-Of course Curran made it to the tournament finals.  Of course.  He’s good enough, skilled enough, and after winning a lightweight tournament, experienced enough.  But can he defeat Sandro?  Maybe.  If he brings a gun.