Chael Sonnen joined’s Showdown Joe Ferraro to answer a bunch of questions about everything from Brian Stann to his thoughts on Dan Henderson’s fight against Fedor Emelianenko this weekend. Sonnen manages to remain very complimentary of Stann but of course, gets a few shots in on Anderson Silva. Ferraro managed to catch Sonnen a little off guard with a question about Demian Maia’s invite to come to Brazil and learn a little triangle choke defense, and in a rare candid moment, Sonnen says that Maia is fantastic and he might have to take him up on that. Ferraro then plays a video of Rampage Jackson claiming he wouldn’t know Sonnen from a fan at the recent UFC 135 press conference. It doesn’t set Sonnen off, but says he might have to settle it with Rampage in the Octagon. When asked about Dan Henderson’s upcoming fight against Fedor Emelianenko, Sonnen dismisses Fedor as nothing more than a 3-2 fighter.

For a little kick, check out an old Chael Sonnen interview that resurfaced today where he says at the end that the top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA is either Georges St. Pierre or none other than Anderson Silva. This was clearly shot before he created his outlandish persona that fans have grown to love or hate today. It’s quite the difference.