There’s good news and bad news for Brett Rogers on the legal front.

The good news is a judge has granted him permission to contact his wife and kids. MMA Junkie has the details:

In a Monday ruling in Dakota County, Minn., judge Rex Stacey modified a previously-issued no-contact order, allowing Rogers to contact his wife, Tiuana Rogers, via phone, email and text, as well as allowing the heavyweight to speak with his children and to meet with his family for counseling.

Rogers’ attorney, Murad M. Mohammad, believes the move is a positive sign as he and his client prepare for an Aug. 29 settlement conference.

“We are pleased with the progress we are making in Brett Rogers’ case,” Mohammad told ( “The no-contact order with his wife was modified to allow contact, and his wife and kids are happy to know dad will be back soon. After Monday’s hearing, we are even more confident that Brett will be vindicated and that his life and family will be back together.”

The bad news is one of his neighbors has filed and received a restraining order against Rogers and his family, claiming that Rogers and his wife routinely harass them about a pending lawsuit stemming from a dog biting incident. MMA Weekly has that story:

The lawsuit stems from a dog bite incident in which allegedly Rogers’ family dog bit the neighbor’s son. Because of the pending lawsuit, the neighbor claims in the harassment order filed that Rogers and his family routinely walk the dog ‘purposefully’ by their house, while also yelling profanity at the neighbor from their adjourning courtyard.

The harassment order goes on to state from the neighbor that Rogers and his wife Tiuana, who was also named in the order, curse and harass them often, while their children come over on a regular basis to play with the victim’s kids.

According to the harassment order, the respondent claims they are afraid to go into their own yard out of fear from the harassment received from Rogers and his family.

Rogers could face fines and/or jail time if he violates the restraining order. Of course, if he gets sent to jail for all his domestic violence charges, he won’t have to worry about all that, will he?