Matt Mitrione is known for his heavy hands and knockout power. But although “Meathead” hasn’t had to show it through his first five fights, he does have a solid ground game, as depicted in the MMA Training Video above.

In this TapouT VTC MMA training video Mitrione breaks down the upside down guard sweep with his training partner Pat Barry, who (not surprisingly) offers instant comic relief and is introduced at Mitrione’s “heterosexual life partner.”

The upside down guard sweep is ideal right after you’ve been knocked down and are in guard position. As the opponent comes after you for the finish, you’re able to fend them off and ultimately get them in a toe lock or knee lock.

Here are four easy steps explaining how to execute the upside down guard sweep as Mitrione shows above:

  1. As your opponent goes for the finish, keep your base with your feet as much as possible so you can keep your opponent at bay as long as you can. Basically fend off the opponent with your feet.
  2. The next step, and key to the sweep, is to grab one of the opponent’s ankles and roll under him while pulling him to the ground with your legs. In order to do this you need to wrap your legs around the opponent’s back and use your heels, calves and hamstrings as a hook to send him to the mat.
  3. Now you’re in a north-south position with your opponent face down on the mat. From here it’s easy to apply a toe-lock or knee bar, as you still have hold of the opponent’s leg. For the knee bar from north-south position, simply trap his leg in your armpit and sit back. This applies pressure and hyperextends his knee.
  4. Mitrione explains that you can go for these two submissions very easily, but the opponent will be scrambling to get out of the position. So if you can’t get the tap with those simple submissions, roll over to a traditional side mount and operate from there.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the upside down guard sweep you’ll be able to bounce back from a near-knockout and force your opponent into submission or a side mount. Become a member at TapouT VTC for on demand access to MMA training videos from the top pros and coaches in the industry.

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