It’s all there for me. I am in a completely positive place. I’ve beaten Rashad Evans before, it has gone down in the books as a draw but the fact is that in the Octagon, I was the better man when we last fought and I am a healthier version of myself than last time. Now he’s coming off a lay-off and a serious injury. He has been out a year with a knee problem, like I had to before my rematch with Forrest Griffin a year ago, and he’s going to have to deal with that doubt. Is he mentally strong enough to deal with knowing he’s going to be rusty? We will see… Can Rashad deal with that pressure? Can he deal with the pressure that everyone expects him to win this fight, against a guy he should have lost to before even thought I was hurt in that first fight? That’s a lot of pressure on him. He stayed out for 14 months rather than take fights, and it was a huge mistake in his career. Now he’s almost forgotten and the guy he has a W over — Rampage — is fighting for the title and not him. That’s even more pressure on him for this fight. I am not sure he can handle that pressure.

— Tito Ortiz blogging for ESPN about his upcoming fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 133

There’s definitely going to be a lot of pressure on Rashad Evans next weekend, but he won’t be alone. Rashad Evans certainly needs this win to stay in the title hunt and prove he didn’t waste the last year sitting on the sidelines, but Tito has a lot to gain out of the winning this fight. It’s his chance to prove he’s still one of the world’s elite light heavyweights with a possible title shot waiting on the other side of victory. Put simply, it’s his shot at redemption. So yes, there will be a lot on the line for both fighters at UFC 133.

On a side note, Tito also mentioned that it will cost him $45,000 to repair his Rolls Royce. The reason for the wreck: texting.

Image via MMA Weekly