After months of rumors and speculation surrounding the future of FEG and their K-1 and DREAM brands, there is finally some news.

FEG has sold K-1 to a Japanese real estate investment group called Barbizon, which seems kind of strange but whatever. Interestingly enough though, the sale did not include DREAM. Fighters Only Magazine has the details:

The sale – which was actually completed some weeks ago – affects K-1 only and does not include the K-1 MAX brand, the K-1 Koshien youth tournament or the DREAM mixed martial arts promotion that FEG also operates.

Barbizon has taken ownership of the main K-1 brand though, and all the associated trademarks including ‘K-1 Grand Prix’, ‘K-1 World GP’ and ‘Dynamite!’

According to the report, K-1 head Sadaharu Tanikawa is expected to get the boot now that K-1’s original bossman, Kazuyoshi Ishii, is out of jail.

No word what this means for DREAM, if anything, but they did just announce DREAM.17 (those other two cards this year didn’t count apparently) for Sept. 24 at the Saitama Super Arena. Only one fight has been announced so far — Caol Uno vs. Takeshi “Lion” Inoue — but another bantamweight grand prix is expected. The way I understand it, the one they just did was merely a qualifier for the Japanese fighters.