Here’s the audio of today’s UFC 133 conference call via MMA Nation.

There definitely isn’t as much heat between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz as there was the first time, but both fighters feel they’ve improved since then and more importantly in Tito’s case, he feels healthy for the rematch, or as he put it, he feels like a “30-year old man” instead of a “40-year old man.”

With the fight taking place in Philadelphia, Tito of course made the Rocky connection.

“I’ve always been a huge Rocky fan. Doesn’t everything in life happen for a reason? Philly is going to feed that much more emotionally for me. I’m willing to fight, I’m willing to step up. I want to put on an entertaining fight. I know I’m capable and I know I’m capable in Philly. My advantages will be my heart. I’m prepared for anything and everything…I’m going in focused and positive that my hand will be raised.”

Rashad Evans’ highlight: “I don’t like Jon Jones. I’ll leave it at that.”