A few observations from Strikeforce: “Fedor vs.Henderson”:

-The bad news is that Scott Smith’s new “shambling zombie” style is resulting in him getting his butt kicked.  The good news, however, is he totally nailed the audition for that role in AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

-How anemic is Strikeforce’s welterweight division that Tarec Saffiedine’s win over Smith may have earned him a title shot?  The kid is good, but he was an ardent denizen of Strikeforce Challengers not too long ago.  Is there no one else more worthy?

-Tyron Woodley is to fighting what a warm woolen blanket is to a comfy bed on a chill winter night.

-I nearly had a heart attack when Paul Daley rolled into that omoplata and nearly nailed it.  That, my friends, is progress.

-Robbie Lawler: so good at knocking people’s heads off, so bad at the other facets of mixed martial arts.

-I love women’s MMA, but Miesha Tate’s win over Marloes Coenen did not inspire me to champion their cause.  Hopefully, somewhere down the line, American judoka Ronda Rousey will go to war with 145-pound Cris “Cyborg”Santosand the dustup will breathe life into the female side of the sport.

-Dan Henderson is a legend and an amazing fighter and all, but when the overgrown light-heavyweight can knock Fedor Emelianenko silly, it is seriously time for the “Last Emperor” to hang up the gloves.