A few observations from UFC 133:

-There are two types of fighters in the 145-pound division right now: those who would get killed by Jose Aldo, and those who would merely be gravely wounded when defeated by him.  The Chad Mendes we saw last night would be the former.

-Matt Hamill is not the first wrestler to forgo what he’s good at and instead fight outside of his comfort zone, but c’mon, if you’re going to play the striking game at least throw some strikes.  The dude looked like a light-heavyweight punching bag.

-Rory MacDonald: the vanguard of the next generation of elite mixed martial artists.  After him, the next evolution of fighters will have cybernetic enhancements and mutant superpowers.

-For someone so close to the cusp of retirement, Jorge Rivera did well for himself.  And Costa Philippou is no slouch.

-All the people giving Dennis Hallman grief for his (admittedly regrettable) choice of shorts are forgetting the time early UFC competitor Joe Son wore a thong to a fight. 

-With his epic beard – and I truly mean epic – Johny Hendricks looked like a cross between a prime Andrei Arlovski and badger.  Too bad he fights like neither.

-Nick Pace did enough to win.  Unless, of course, the value of a close rear naked choke and an eye-smashing knee has decreased when scorecards are tallied and no one told me.

-If you think you can take a punch, Vitor Belfort will prove you wrong.  And if your fighting style is such that you usually take a few lumps to give a few, he will be there to shake your hand when the cageside doctors revive you.

-Okay, Rashad Evans secured himself a title shot… is it me, or are the same handful of light-heavyweights competing for the belt over and over again?