Fedor Emelianenko is not retiring, according to a press release sent out by M-1 Global today.

In the release, Fedor’s manager, Vadim Finkelchtein, states that Fedor’s next fight will take place on a M-1 card sometime this fall in Russia. They’re also working with their Japanese contacts for a potential New Year’s Eve fight in Japan with the ultimate goal of returning to the US in 2012.

“We consulted with Fedor and it was decided that he should not leave the sport in this way. His friends and past opponents support Fedor in continuing his career and he agreed,” said Finkelstein. “We want to organize a fight for Fedor in Russia and have already begun working in this direction. If everything goes as planned, we will produce a card in Moscow or St. Petersburg sometime in the fall with Fedor as the main event.” The opponent is yet to be determined.

More plans are also in the mix according to Finkelstein, “In addition to the fight in Russia, we’re also working with our Japanese contacts to organize a New Year’s Eve event in Japan that Fedor would participate in as well.”

When asked about 2012 Finkelstein spoke optimistically; “If all is successful, in 2012 we’ll be back in the U.S. All these ideas are being developed right now and we want to work exactly according to this plan.”

At the current time, the only big fight for Fedor Emelianenko outside the Zuffa umbrella is Alistair Overeem, but M-1 Global and Golden Glory do not have a healthy working relationship and it’s questionable if any non-Zuffa promotion could afford it anyways. As such, we can probably expect Fedor to fight weaker competition for the foreseeable future in an attempt to rebuild his career.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime