Former EliteXC promoter Gary Shaw, who helped put ProElite in their infamous $55 million dollar hole, is not a fan of their attempted resurrection. He told The Fight Nerd just recently that “it’s laughable” and “the people running it are jokes.”

I wouldn’t just take his word for it though. Unlike Shaw, the people running it — former Icon Sport promoter T. Jay Thompson and former Strikeforce matchmaker Richard Chou — have actually had success in MMA. And at the very least, they’re saying all the right things.

“We are really going to grow this company at a correct pace,” Thompson told ( “I don’t want a lot of crazy growing pains and mistakes being made.”

“We’re getting a lot of attention, which is great, but we’re just getting up and running. We’re not a major competing MMA company right now; we’re just getting our legs under us and grow organically and get a grassroots following.

“I could see us having an entry-level television deal by the fall, by our November show … And when I say entry level, it probably won’t be a major network. And there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s kind of the way we want to grow.”

As such, don’t expect that big Showtime/CBS deal to come through anytime soon as it was rumored earlier this week. Thompson was adamant those rumors were false.