Golden Glory management, specifically Bas Boon, has finally issued an official statement on their situation with Zuffa.

You can read the full statement at Fighters Only, but the gist of it is Golden Glory agreed to handle fighter payments like Zuffa wanted and they don’t understand why Dana White is saying otherwise.

The fighters were paid in the previous Strikeforce bouts to an account of the management without any problems, yet UFC claimed this was impossible… The payment was done how the UFC wanted and again we agreed and did the same as in Vancouver, so that matter was solved , so I do not understand why Dana claims we did not agree?

We did not have a choice and never said we would not fight in the future or that we would refuse to work like this in the future (we worked out that problem with the Zuffa lawyer in the Vancouver and even agreed with their new sponsor policies).  Maybe there is a miscommunication and Danna was not well informed that the direct payment issue was solved and no longer an issue as I myself have been in and out hospital for two weeks because of heath issues ( the reason why this press release is so late).

Anyway we regret the response from Zuffa and the releases, but it is their company and they can do what they want, we would like to keep working in the future with the UFC and with this statement I cleary say that direct payment to any of our fighter was not a problem and will not be a problem in the future.

Furthermore, Boon also clearly stated that they are willing to sign Alistair Overeem to an exclusive UFC deal, something Overeem himself said he wasn’t willing to do last week.

We just want to be able to produce great fighters and create great fights for the fans, we have no intention for Co-promotion deals and are even willing to make an exclusive deal for Alistair Overeem to fight in the UFC, if the terms are right.

I’m beginning to doubt whether fighter payments is the real issue here. Bas Boon also explained in the statement that around the same time Zuffa was making moves to acquire Strikeforce, he was attempting to broker a deal between Golden Glory, Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1 that would have made them a “real competitor” to the UFC. That of course didn’t happen when Zuffa closed the Strikeforce deal, but one has to wonder if that created a little tension between the two organizations. Additionally, it was rumored that Golden Glory played hardball when negotiating Alistair Overeem’s contract extension and wanted to amend the purse for the last fight on his existing deal to match the purse amounts on his new deal. That didn’t fly with Zuffa and the deal went south.

I don’t know if those were the real issues, if it actually was the payment situation or it was something else entirely, but Golden Glory seems to be open to playing by Zuffa’s rules, so hopefully they’re able to work it out. I’d love to see Alistair Overeem fight in the UFC and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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