Gracing our television screens on this Saturday evening was MMA Fight Pit: “Genesis”, which followed in the grand tradition of Moosin, the World Combat Championship, Martial Arts Reality Superfighting, Shine Fights and countless other one-shot fight events that passed laughably into the night.  There were TUF almosts and not-quites, fighters past their expirations dates, and a bunch of unknowns best left unknown.  But hey, it was MMA, and if you’re like me, sometimes just catching the results on Twitter isn’t enough.  Oh, why won’t I ever learn?  Anyway, consider this recap me jumping on a grenade for you.  You’re welcome.

TUF 8 washout Junie Browning apparently needed money, because here he was seven pounds overweight for what should’ve been a lightweight contest against late-replacement Jacob Clark (Who?  Exactly.), phoning in a performance.  But he was seemingly in charge early on, taking Clark down and controlling him, and very nearly securing a Twister.  Unfortunately, his gas tank immediately went to “E”, and when Clark escaped and began dropping fists and elbows, Browning tapped without much hesitation.  The official time of the finish was 4:18 of the first round, and with that kind of effort on display I was left wondering if the thirty-dollar price tag for this pay-per-view was excessive.

Curious as to how 105-pound women would look in a fight?  Well, MMA Fight Pit sought to sate that curiosity with a pairing of local favorite Angelica Chavez against someone not local in Diana Rael.  According to the cageside commentators, Chavez was some kind of grappling specialist and Rael a Muay Thai practitioner.  That all went out the window early on, though, as Rael scrambled on top, dodged a few submission attempts, and marked up her opponent’s face.  Round 2 was a bit more back and forth with reversals galore, but Rael wound up on top more often than not, and Round 3 saw Chavez score two takedowns in between getting eaten up on the feet.  Inexplicably, one of the judges gave Chavez the bout, so Rael only notched the split decision victory. 

TUF 11, great kicks, very big hair.  That’s all you need to know about Jamie Yager, who took on a hard-chargin, hard-hitting wrestler in Willie Parks.  Round 1 began with an orgy of violence – Parks plastering Yager in the chops with punches before nailing the takedown, Yager launching an airborne kick before winding up on his back.  Unfortunately for Parks, he could not find the finish despite being on top and dropping bombs, and when Round 2 came around his inevitable takedown attempt ended with Yager cinching on a guillotine at 21 seconds in for the tap out.

You can’t go wrong when the heavyweights step into the cage, especially when one was coming off a fourteen-month layoff and the other was an in-shape behemoth.  Prince McLean was the former, who appeared to be working with a deficit when facing the monstrous Tyler East.  It was tie-up to takedown to half-mount to punchfest, and East had Prince in need of a referee rescue.  Thankfully, the referee obliged, calling the bout and making the TKO official at 1:33 of the first round.

Nowadays, a strong wind can KO the once-great Jens Pulver.  Fortunately, Coty Wheeler was no strong wind.  In what became a textbook “guy who knows how to box” versus “guy who, um, probably knows subs but can’t get it to the ground”, Pulver – now a newly-minted bantamweight – stalked Wheeler around the cage, dropping him in the first with a solid left, then clobbering him further with more punches in the second.  Twice Wheeler went down hard, and to his credit, the former UFC champ paused after scoring each knockdown and waited for the ref to end the slaughter.  The ref was finally convinced at 1:59 in Round 2, and Pulver earned himself a much-needed win.

The main event, which featured big puncher Houston Alexander against expert kicker Razak Al-Hassan, had about 11% fireworks and 89% methodical circling with erratic strikes thrown in.  Said fireworks involved Alexander scoring knockdowns through Rounds 1 and 2 – hooray!  But the end came when Al-Hassan dislocated his finger – boo! – and when the doctor examined it immediately after the second round and was unable to pop in back in place, the bout was called. 


-HoustonAlexander def. Razak Al-Hassan via Doctor Stoppage (Dislocated Finger) at 5:00 in Round 2

-Jens Pulver def. Coty Wheeler via TKO (Punches) at 1:59 in Round 2

-Tyler East def. Prince McLean via TKO (Punches) at 1:33 in Round 1

-Jamie Yager def. Willie Parks via Submission (Guillotine) at :21 in Round 2

-Diana Rael def. Angelica Chavez viaSplitDecision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

-Jacob Clark def. Junie Browning via Submission (Strikes) at 4:18 in Round 1