“I’m not slimmer. I’m just buff… I don’t want to call it a diet program I’m working on. I think it is more of a lifestyle change, so I’ll call it my new coaching program. Diet is the wrong word because if you look at the first three letters of the word it spells “die” and that’s what it feels like… I’m going to make 205 someday. Mark my words I will at some point be 205 lb. I might be dead, get old and lose some muscle mass or in a car accident where I lose one of my legs but I will hit that weight somewhere along the line. I can guarantee that I will reach that weight but it may come under some drastic circumstances… I like the fact that people are talking about me ‘supposedly’ losing weight because it means that people care about me. That means that people love me and who doesn’t want to feel that from the fans? I will say if I do lose weight then it will be on my terms and from a program that I’m responsible for developing or develop… I’ve always done things my own way and have found success on my own terms. If I were to go down that path it will be from my own doing. I have over 24 years of experience being a coach and an athlete and I have no problem applying the things I’ve learned to make me a better fighter, entertainer, and businessman.”

— Roy Nelson talking to Heavy.com about his noticeably slimmer buffer physique in Milwaukee this past weekend

I don’t know why Roy Nelson is so adamant about doing everything his own way, but it’s good to see that he’s making an effort to get in better shape. Nelson has loads of talent and skill, but so do all the other heavyweights in the UFC. He puts himself at a tremendous disadvantage every time he steps in the Octagon in worse shape than his opponents and hasn’t been able to reach his full potential because of it. Here’s to hoping he sticks with it and proves just how good he can be.

Roy Nelson is scheduled to face Mirko “Cro Cop” at UFC 137. Following two consecutive losses, many believe this is a must-win fight for Roy.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com