As Alistair Overeem explains in this interview with MMABay, he wants to fight for the UFC, but doesn’t need to fight for the UFC. Since he holds title in Strikeforce, K-1 and DREAM, he has “options.” That said, he’ll sign with the UFC if the terms are right and an immediate title shot would certainly get his attention.

There was a rumor posted today on the UG by someone who’s proven to have inside info in the past that a deal is nearly done to bring Overeem to the UFC, but Dana White personally posted later in the thread that it was bs. Dana did say they are working on it, but it’s not close to being done.

Back to the interview, Overeem also commented on the pay issue, saying that he prefers his checks be made out to him, but it makes sense for less established fighters to have their checks run through Golden Glory first. He doesn’t think this was the real reason he and his teammates were let go from Strikeforce.