I’m out of town this weekend and short on time so I figured I would do a quick news round-up for you guys instead of bunch of posts. Enjoy your weekend!

— Dana White is not a fan of ESPN. He’s never been happy with the amount of coverage they’ve given the UFC in the past and claims it’s only going to get worse now that they’ve signed a deal with FOX (a competing network to ESPN’s big sister ABC). Of course being Dana, he couldn’t leave at just that. From his uncensored Twitter account.

ESPN always hated us and now they hate us more now that we are on FOX. They canceled my int next week for UFC Rio Fuk ESPN

@jimrome is the only good thing about ESPN

No love for the MMA Live crew I guess.

— A Strikeforce lightweight title fight between Gilbert Melendez and Jorge Masvidal has been targeted for a Dec. 17 Strikeforce event. The date appears to be solid, but the venue and location is still unknown.

Michael Bisping’s reaction to his TUF 14 coaching rival Jason “Mayhem” Miller getting arrested.

so miller gets nicked for getting his sister in a headlock, but she escapes. 2 things, thats gay and I guess I don’t worry about guillotines

Jon Jones said he had a lot more to prepare for with Shogun Rua than Rampage Jackson.

“It’s obvious that his hands… he has a really nice left hook, right uppercut, he has a nice right hook. So, it’s just his hands. He knocked out many people with his hands, and I’m prepared for that. Before that I was preparing for a guy like Shogun, who has knockout power in both hands, vicious knees, vicious high kicks, vicious low kicks. I had a lot more to be worried about. In this fight I have to worry about two things, so I feel I’m way more than prepared for those two things.”

— Mike Whitehead has reached an agreement with Clark County prosecutors to make a no-contest plea in his sexual assault case.

Luis Ramos has signed a multi-fight contract with the UFC and will fill in for an injured Mike Swick at UFC 134. He’ll face Erick Silva who is also making his promotional debut. Shoot Media has a video update on Mike Swick’s injury. In short, he tore the ACL and MCL in his left knee.

— Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira made some controversial statements about training with gay fighters. From an interview with UOL Esportes via BE:

“I have no prejudice against the gays, but I wouldn’t train with someone who’s gay. I have no malice, I don’t take our physical contact as (something) sexual. But what if the gay person has that malice of having physical contact with me, of staying there grappling? I would have no problems having a gay student in my academy, but I would rather not train with him.”

Chris Cisneros has replaced an injured Rick Hawn in Bellator’s season five welterweight tournament.

— Despite losing two straight, the UFC has offered Charles Oliveira a four-fight contract extension which he has verbally accepted. They apparently see enough potential in him to keep him on board.

Russian prospect Rasul Mirzaev is facing serious charges after he got into an altercation with 19-year old Ivan Agafonov outside a Moscow night club. Mirzaev reportedly got into an argument with Agafonov when he saw him talking to his girlfriend. The altercation resulted in Agafonov smacking his head against the sidewalk when Mirzaev knocked him down with a single punch. Agafonov died in the hospital four days later. Mirzaev has since been detained, but hasn’t been charged yet. The investigation is still ongoing. Mirzaev had an offer on the table from Bellator, but never signed the paperwork.