Many in the Brazilian MMA community seem to have taken Chael Sonnen and his disparaging comments about their country in jest. Others, not so much.

Case in point, a group of fans down in Brazil have organized an event on Facebook called “LINCHAMENTO DO CHAEL SONNEN !” which translates to “Lynching of Chael Sonnen”. Yeah, in other words, these guys have organized a lynch mob and Chael Sonnen is their target when he arrives in Brazil this week to corner Yushin Okami at UFC 134. Here’s the translation of the event’s description via BE:

“Guys, everyone is aware of what this insect has been spewing about Brazil, the fighters, of the people of this country, of our culture. I think we should give him a ‘warm welcome’ when he comes to attend UFC Rio on the 27th, since Brazilians carries the fame of being sympathetic, hospitable, warm people, how about a big party for our friend Chael Sonnen?”

The creators of the page, however, insist that they didn’t start it to promote violence. They told Brazilian website SRZD that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. Via BE:

“My master always teaches us that, the use of fighting is only for good things, I am of peace, I hate violence, I always try to resolve my issues in conversations” says Raphael, who created the page.

When asked if they didn’t fear it being misinterpreted, he replied: “That was my biggest fear, I even mentioned to Rafael (the other guy who had the idea for the page) jokingly that we could be sued, people could take it seriously and all. That’s why we put a lot of small jokes in the text, we didn’t put anything serious so that we wouldn’t be promoting violence”

I don’t know if lynching means something different down in Brazil, but here in the States, it’s considered an very serious act of violence, so if it was intended as a joke, they probably should have come up with a different title. Just saying.

Nevertheless, the group has amassed over 4,000 RSVP’s and while I’m sure the majority of those don’t have any intention of actually showing up or attacking Sonnen if they do, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a small handful that wants to give Sonnen that “warm welcome” to Brazil.

If Uncle Chael is worried about it though, he’s not showing it. He took to Twitter to respond to the “FB nerds.”

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Update: If the lynch mob wants a piece of Chael Sonnen, it looks like they’re gonna have to come to the US, because he’s not going to Brazil. UFC Brazil’s twitter said he was “trolling everyone” when he said he was going to Brazil to corner Yushin Okami.