“The thing is it’s really not my business how [GSP] fights; he’s not on my team, so, I truly don’t care how he fights. Now if you’re asking me as a fan, yeah, that style is not what I like to watch. I like to watch guys that just go completely for it, take chances, and give crowds what they want, which is ‘Ultimate Fighting,’ not ‘ultimate stalling’ or anything like that… I think he’s going to approach this fight somewhat like the BJ Penn fight. I think he’ll try to fight Nick the same way where he’ll tie up with him, try to keep him up against the cage, do a little dirty boxing and try to get him arm weary, maybe get some takedowns and see how that goes. He’ll probably be cautious from the top position but try to inflict damage depending on how it’s going… Georges is a great athlete and a pretty smart fighter. His athleticism often lets him dictate where the fights going to go, and if he’s comfortable where he can take the finish, without taking too many risks, he will.”

— Cesar Gracie talking to FCFighter.com about Nick Diaz’s upcoming title fight against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137

To be honest, that’s pretty much exactly how I’m expecting GSP to approach this fight. Nick Diaz is dangerous on the feet and the ground, but there are positions on the ground GSP can put himself in to minimize that risk and inflict enough damage to win rounds. It’s the safest path to victory and GSP has said time and time again that he’s not going to put himself in situations that give his opponents a competitive advantage.

If anyone can make it a fight though, it’s Nick Diaz and that’s why I’m looking forward to it despite the potential for it to be a 25-minute snoozefest.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog