Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira shocked a lot of people on Saturday night when he knocked out Brendan Schaub at UFC 134. A loss would have resulted in big questions about Nogueira’s future, but with the victory, now the only question is who he fights next.

If you ask Big Nog that question, the answer is simple. As he told Tatame, Nog wants a rematch with Frank Mir.

I’d like to fight Frank Mir, I want to fight UFC Japan. I’d like to fight UFC Canada, which will happen later this year. Fighting Frank Mir is something I’d love to do. I’m motivated to fight him.

Nogueira’s game, but is Frank Mir? Well, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it when the rematch was booked for UFC 119 last year, but in a recent interview with Middle Easy, Mir said he just wants to fight and it doesn’t matter who his opponent is (although he did name Alistair Overeem as someone he’d like to get in the Octagon with).

“I just want to fight again, it doesn’t matter who… Alistair Overeem would be cool if he actually came over. I think he’s a great fighter, I think he’s done a lot in this sport, his K-1 accomplishments, I think he’s an immediate threat. I’d like to test myself against him.”

Both match-ups have a lot of appeal, but if I had to choose one, I’d go with Mir-Nog 2 for the simple fact that I’d like to see Overeem fight the Velasquez-Dos Santos winner more than I want to see him fight Mir.

Oh and by the way, Mir doesn’t really care about fighting Brock Lesnar again, which has been rumored in recent weeks. “If it works out, it works out,” says Mir, but all that beef they supposedly had before the rematch at UFC 100… yeah, Mir admits most of that was manufactured to sell pay-per-views.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting