The UFC continues to get creative with their trailers. This new one they just released for UFC 135 is pretty sweet.

And yes, “Spygate”, as it’s been affectionately dubbed by the media, is still ongoing. Jon Jones’ manager released a statement to MMA Junkie earlier today vehemently denying Rampage’s allegations.

As an agent and manager, I often receive phone calls and e-mails with tips from reporters, fans, friends and even business colleagues throughout the MMA world. I have never placed a spy in any camp or hired someone to spy on a camp, nor have I ever proactively inquired about information from any camp. As is the case with any agent or manager, I do receive information on a regular basis that is the result of a tight-knit MMA community where everybody knows everybody.

Early last week, I received a phone call from one of my employees who informed me that he had seen a tweet stating that he had heard of the possibility of Mr. Jackson suffering a hand injury and it may be serious. While Mr. Jackson finds it inconsequential that information of this variety may be on the internet, it is still my job as a manager to follow up on this information with the UFC. Any such injury would directly effect my client and his training in preparation for a fight on Sept. 24, a date that is approaching fast, especially if the possibility of a new opponent existed.

I followed proper protocol in such an instance and contacted Joe Silva immediately to inquire about the possibility of Mr. Jackson not being about to fight. Contrary to Mr. Jackson’s statements, Mr. Silva was actually in the United States at the time of my phone call with him. After follow-up calls from Mr. Silva regarding this situation, it was confirmed that Mr. Jackson indeed had not been injured and was training to fight Jon “Bones” Jones. For me and my client, this issue had been closed.

I am sorry that Mr. Jackson feels that he has someone in his camp that is calling other people with sensitive information within his camp. He is unwilling to state who this “spy” is but is more than happy to attempt to damage other reputations in his wake. This leads me to believe that Mr. Jackson is simply looking for a way to create a distraction or create more pre-fight hype. Mr. Jackson has made accusations of cheating against multiple fighters throughout his career, none of which has ever been remotely close to being proven true. This case is no different.

Mr. Jackson has informed the media and public more of what is happening in his training camp in the past three days than any spy he believes is present could have possibly shared.

At this time, the entire team at First Round Management considers this non-issue dead. Our team is setting its sights fully on UFC 135 in Denver as Jon “Bones” Jones makes his first defense of the light heavyweight title.

Not surprisingly, Rampage isn’t buying it. However, he doesn’t really care either or at least that’s what he told his favorite reporter Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour today.

“At the end of the day, I don’t care,” he said. “I’m very confident in this fight. You guys have no idea. A lot of people have counted me out in this fight, and I love it. I’m happy. It’s like when I fought Chuck Liddell to get the title. No one counted me in. I’m OK with it. Jon Jones can set up camp and watch me train, for all I care because he won’t be able to stop what I’m going to do to him.”

“I don’t care about this spy in my camp,” he said. “He, she or it can keep watching me, whoever it is. I’m training hard. I’m very confident. It ain’t no secret that I’m going to try to throw these hands on Jon Jones. I’m pretty sure one, two, or three of my punches are going to land. I’m going to make them count every time they do. I’m just training my ass off for anything.”

I don’t know what the truth is, but if Kawa really did have a spy in Rampage’s camp, wouldn’t he just kept that information to his himself and Jones? Why run straight to Joe Silva who you know is going to check with Rampage’s team if you’re trying to obtain info that could be used against him in the fight?