I learned two things this weekend. 1) Moving sucks, and 2) moving with a hangover really really sucks. Like pretty much the worst thing ever. So yeah, now that we’ve established that I’m a total idiot, let’s run down the Labor Day weekend news, shall we?

— A new promotion in the Asian market called ONE FC kicked off their first show over the weekend. The promotion has been getting a lot of buzz in the past month, mainly because they’re claiming they’re going to be the “the king of MMA in Asia,” but as with most debut events, things didn’t exactly run like a well-oiled machine. In other words, they have a lot of work to do if they’re going to emerge as the top dog in the East. MMA Fighting’s Daniel Herbertson has all the details.

— Following three straight losses to Chris Leben, Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort, Yoshihiro Akiyama has finally decided to drop to welterweight. He hopes to return to action at the UFC’s Japan event next February.

— Speaking of the UFC’s Japan event, Fight Opinion’s Zach Arnold has a story up explaining why their decision to run there is more personal than professionally motivated.

Jon Jones made some interesting comments about the belt and (not) being the champion.

“As a warrior I think it’s dangerous to become obsessed with accolades and belts and rank and stature. I think it’s more about the day-to-day lifestyle of being a warrior. I don’t think there’s really, when it comes to fighting, there’s really no destination; it’s really about the journey. If I had my choice, I probably wouldn’t even touch the belt before the fight and I probably won’t touch the belt before the fight. It’s something that’s in my past already. I beat Shogun and that has absolutely nothing to do with beating Rampage Jackson. I kind of feel as if there is no champion in this fight. It’s two guys looking to win a belt that no one has ever worn before and I’m destined to bring that belt home.”

So dramatic…

Brett Rogers will return to action against Eddie Sanchez in the Titan FC 20 main event. Rogers, along with his wife and kids, did an interview with Inside MMA’s Ron Kruck in what turned out to be a calculated attempt to repair his image in the MMA community. The piece showed Rogers playing with his kids in the park and Rogers, with his wife by his side, saying that every marriage has it’s ups and downs and they’re no different. Rogers maintains his innocence, but couldn’t talk about the specifics of his domestic violence case while it’s still pending.

— Dana White is expecting their FOX debut to blow Kimbo Slice’s CBS ratings (6.12 million viewers) out of the water. That remains to be seen, but if it doesn’t, don’t blame FOX. They already started promoting the event during their baseball broadcasts this past weekend.

Nate Marquardt is expected to return to action in December at BAMMA 8.

— Shogun’s manager, Eduardo Alonso, is hoping to land Shogun a fight with Tito Ortiz on New Year’s Eve.

“I’ve been hearing some rumors, but until now there’s nothing concrete about UFC. If it depends only on my plannings, he’d fight on December 31st, it’d be great. I’d really like him to fight Tito Ortiz since he’s an icon of the sport and will soon retire”, explains the manager.

“He didn’t have the chance to fight (Randy) Couture, something Lyoto had the luck and credits to do, but I’d like to see this fight. It came from Tito himself, who challenged him, but we’re realistic. I know it’s not much likely, so it’s only left for us to wait. Everybody knows Shogun doesn’t pick his opponents, so we’re opened to discussion. To me, the date (December 31st) is more important than the opponent”.

— Both Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos are ecstatic about the opportunity to fight on FOX.

Velasquez: I said “Great.” It’s definitely a big thing with them having that partnership, and then for us to be on that first fight on Fox is a big thing. So I said yeah. I was all for it… They told me about it last night and wanted to know if I was OK with it. It’s a great opportunity.

JDS: The first words that came to my head were euphoria and happiness. I was ecstatic. I feel privileged and honored to be part of such an important piece of UFC history. I was very, very pleased with the invitation.

— King Mo likened Strikeforce to a dying cancer patient on The MMA Hour.

“It feels a little weird, because it’s not the same. It’s like a cancer patient, like a dying cancer patient. That’s how I feel like the organization is. We’re just waiting for it to die, to pass. As long as I can get my fights in and they’re still around, I want to get them in.”

Sad, but true.

A Swedish website is claiming that Alistair Overeem is on his way to Las Vegas to sign a UFC contract, however Overeem says that report is “WRONG!” When will it be right?

Anderson Silva says he took painkillers for a shoulder injury before his fight with Yushin Okami.

“A month before the fight, I hurt my shoulder training with Junior dos Santos and stepped in feeling pain in Rio. I had to take painkillers and advised the Athletic Commission about the medicine I took. I talked to my doctors a lot. I did MRI right after and began to feel pain on the shoulder and the medics released me. They told me that was not too bad. It is a small lesion, in manguito (rotador) muscle I think, but it bothers me. I will take some time resting to do the treatment.”

Josh Barnett says Antonio Silva is only a decent fighter because of his massive size.

Happy Labor Day everyone!