“I became a big distraction. I wanted to go and be part of that for one reason, which was to help Yushin. I could watch the show from my living room, but I wanted to be there and support him, and that was it. Quite frankly, I became a big distraction. It got a little bit out of hand even. The level of death threats got a little bit high. I reached 10 and…10 death threats and I think number seven was actually serious. By the looks in his eyes, it looked like he’d stabbed somebody before, so.. The final call came down to… Yushin had a sponsor who said, ‘Look, we’d rather he didn’t come. The feeling on the ground here in Brazil is this could actually turn into a true incident, so that was it. If a sponsor makes a request, you follow through with it. And it wasn’t my show. It wasn’t my night and I didn’t want to take any attention off Yushin. I truly believed he was going to win the championship and the last thing I wanted to do was take away from that… In Brazil they have two newspapers. Two newspapers kind of cover the whole country and one of those newspapers had me on the front page and I wasn’t even on the card. I was a little bit surprised that I had gotten so inundated with it. At the same time I was flattered. It just wasn’t my night. I wasn’t a part of this. I was no more than a fan and that’s all I ever wanted to be. I wanted to go out, be a fan, pat Yushin on the back, warm him up and support him that way — hold the water bucket for him.”

— Chael Sonnen on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani (transcribed via Cage Potato) explaining why he didn’t go to Brazil to corner Yushin Okami at UFC 134

Brazilians making death threats to Chael Sonnen? That sounds about right.

Sonnen may not have got what many Brazilians think he deserves, but one Brazilian is confident Sonnen’s “time will come.” UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort talking to Tatame:

“I do want (to fight him), I’d really love to fight him, even more because of the crap he’s talked about Brazil. Actually I don t to give him this type of attention, I don’t know why everybody keep paying attention to what this guy says. His time will come, and when it comes, brother, it’s just do the job the way I’d do against any other opponent.”

I certainly don’t wish any physical harm upon Chael Sonnen, but that’s a fight I’d love to see. I’m sure the whole country of Brazil would love to see it too… ending with a bloodied Sonnen laid out on the canvas. Some more than others apparently.

Image via DiazBrothers.com