“If you look at my life over a long term period I couldn’t give a s**t. I honestly don’t know, if I got locked up right now, I don’t know if I’d want to come back. I’m coming in here every day, going, ‘Why the f**k am I doing this right now?’ I could be, like, f**k this whole thing… Anything is better than what I have been going through. Maybe it’d be better to be locked up in prison. I’ve been trapped in this prison, and after every fight there is another… See, you don’t understand. When you get outta jail, that’s what it is… If I fight the fight, I win. I get out, I get off a little while and then get locked back up… Am I looking forward to the fight? No. If I fight, I lose, no matter what, win or lose. If I fight. Period.  I don’t look forward to anything like that. I look past that, like, ‘Holy s**t… if I win this s**t I’m f**king stuck in this game.”

— Nick Diaz in an exclusive interview with Fighters Only Magazine before yesterday’s UFC 137 press conference fiasco

I’m not even going to attempt to understand what goes on inside Nick Diaz’s head. It makes no sense whatsoever, but these quotes are somewhat revealing of how Diaz was approaching this fight mentally. Instead of seeing it as life-changing opportunity like everyone else does, it seems he saw it as a “prison” that would trap him in an endless cycle of fighting and training. You would think a shot at the sport’s most prestigious belt would be a good thing considering his chosen profession is prize fighting, but apparently not to Nick Diaz. Don’t try to understand it. It will only make your head spin.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime