As I’m sure many of you noticed, the site was down for the last day and a half. It certainly wasn’t intentional or planned. Long story short, our server failed and it took our hosting company over 24 hours to fix it. Server downtime here and there for an hour or two is expected, but being down for over a day is ridiculous.

To make matters worse, they left me in the dark about the situation until a few hours before they restored it last night. That’s unacceptable. I tried my best to move the site yesterday afternoon when I lost all confidence that they were going to fix it, but I couldn’t get access to what I needed to do that with the server being completely down.

I’ve been told everything has returned to normal and the site seems to be stable again, however I have made the decision to move the site to a more support-friendly hosting provider anyways. I’m not going to move the site today in case anything goes wrong. I don’t want it being down again for the Strikeforce fights tonight, but I am planning to move it tomorrow if possible. I’m not sure how long that will put us offline but hopefully it won’t be longer than a hour or two.

I’m very sorry for any frustration this caused. For future reference, I post updates on our Twitter feed and Facebook page when incidents like this occur so you can always check there to see what’s going on.

As always, thank you for your support.

– Steve