The following are observations from Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals:

-Maximo Blanco may have been an unknown quantity but he did come with a bit of hype, which makes Pat Healy’s destruction of him all the more impressive.  Not too long ago Healy was just a very skilled warm body to be thrown in there against someone on their way up.  Now, I think Healy himself is the one on his way up.

-I wouldn’t call what King Mo did to Roger Gracie an upset, as Gracie is still very new and untested.  I would, however, call what he did premeditated murder.  He pretty much killed him with that punch.

-I did not think Luke Rockhold had the requisite tools to take the belt from a champ like Ronaldo Souza.  To the tune of five rounds of war, he sure proved me wrong.  That was a long-distance run and face-punching party all rolled into one.

-Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, why you so crazy?  Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t make it past the quarterfinals, champ Alistair Overeem jumps ship for the UFC, and now Daniel Cormier – an alternate – crushes Antonio Silva to make it to the finals.  I’m glad I don’t bet on these things, ’cause I’d have gambled away my daughter’s inheritance by now.

-Josh Barnett: keeping catchwrestling alive at the highest levels since 1997.