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Daniel Cormier confirmed today that he did in fact break his hand on Antonio Silva’s massive skull last weekend. But the good news is the injury’s only expected to put him on the sidelines for 6-8 weeks, so that should leave him plenty of time to get ready for his Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix finals bout with Josh Barnett early next year.

By the way, Saturday night’s SF card wasn’t exactly what you would call a success. Word is only a couple thousand showed up for the fights… in a 17,000 seat arena, and hardly anyone watched it on TV. Not that anyone should be surprised, but it seems whatever interest Zuffa had left in keeping Strikeforce alive on Showtime completely went out the window when they signed their deal with FOX. They at least put some effort into promoting the events earlier this summer. Last week? All I saw was an email and a boatload  of UFC announcements.

With the way things are looking over at Strikeforce, one has to wonder if the grand prix championship will be Strikeforce’s grand finale. King Mo summed it up best on MMA Junkie Radio yesterday.

“I (had) thought Strikeforce was a cancer patient,” he said. “Man, it’s a damn AIDS patient instead – with Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the background ready to pull the plug.”