Dan Henderson still hasn’t re-signed with Strikeforce or the UFC. Might money be the issue. He tells Clinch Gear above that he wants a bump in pay. Transcribed via MMA Junkie.

“I definitely feel like there’s still a possibility for me to defend that belt in Strikeforce. But I think now that the UFC has bought Strikeforce, they need to make money off me, and I need to make money, so we’ll see what happens… But I’d like to work out a deal where I’m fighting in both promotions… The pay-per-view definitely could make a bigger difference, and I think either way I’m hoping to get a pay increase over my last three fights. So we’ll see… There are some definitely interesting fights (in the UFC). They obviously have a little more depth over at the UFC, but there definitely are some guys who would be a tough fight and an interesting matchup in Strikeforce. I’d love to be able to defend my belt in Strikeforce and be able go over to the unify the belt in the UFC and fight a couple fights over there.”

Hendo reportedly made $800,000 for the Fedor Emelianenko fight, and he apparently wants more. Will his high salary demands derail a UFC deal once again?