By this time, I bet you’re wondering who was in camp with me, and some of you may have seen the picture of the team together, and addition to my usual training partners — guys like Jeremy Horn, Matt Pena, Robbie Lawler and DaMarques Johnson — I brought in a couple of special guests – B.J. Penn and Pat Miletich. Being around such great fighters and coaches is humbling, No. 1; and No. 2, it was a great learning environment because we all learned off each other. I’m around the other guys a lot — Jeremy, and Matt Pena, and DaMarques — but with Pat and B.J. being around there as well, they would bring up different situations, and then Jeremy would add stuff I’d never seen on top of that. All I had to do was show up, not do anything on the mat, and I was gonna sit there and learn. If I wanted to, I could have charged admission and people would have loved to just sit there, watch and soak it in… And it’s funny, but after working with both of them, I think B.J. and Robbie Lawler are a lot alike. Those two guys are extremely smart in dissecting opponents and seeing their tendencies, their weaknesses, and figuring out what they’re gonna do in a fight from watching tape. They’re very intelligent cornermen, trainers, and fighters, and it’s been important for me to have both of them around.

— Matt Hughes guest blogging for about his training camp for Josh Koscheck at UFC 135

Not many people are giving Matt Hughes a chance against Josh Koscheck next weekend at UFC 135. Is that a mistake though? Hughes has assembled quite a team and Koscheck is stepping in on short notice after a long layoff. Hughes may be in the twilight of his career, but he’s still a crafty veteran who’s capable of reaching into his bag of tricks of pulling out a victory. I think you still have to go with Kos, but don’t be too surprised if Hughes pulls off the upset either.

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