Mayhem Miller went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote TUF 14. It was a short interview so he didn’t get many jabs in on Michael Bisping, but he did take a few shots in this interview with USA Today.

Did I say I respect him as a coach? I meant (in the sense of his role) on the TV show. I respect that fact. But I think to be a coach, you’ve got to be a little bit selfless, and I think he’s a little bit too selfish to really be a great coach.

As a fighter, he’s like a goon. He’s not the most bright fighter, not the most smart in the cage.

It’s a big dash of insecurity. He’s got to tell himself that I’m scared to make himself feel better about the fight. He knows that I never quit. He knows I never stop. He knows I’ve got a rock head and he’s got pillow fists. So it’s going to be hell for him to fight me. He knows it and he’s worried.