The guys here have got me in great shape, getting the right foods in me. I’m taking more supplements than I have before because I never really paid too much attention to that in the past, and everything has been perfect. I’m not going to lie and say I liked training this hard for so long – I’ve had one week off since I started training for the Matt Hamill fight in April – but I like the results. I like it that when I go for a run my iPod gets tired before I do…I am ready. But Jon Jones is in the big leagues now, and he’s not ready. He needed this fight in another couple of years’ time. Jon Jones does unpredictable things but, really, we’ve seen it now bro, so it is not unpredictable any more. We’ve seen the spinning elbow four or five times, Jon “Bones” Jones. We’ve all seen it. Maybe Jon Jones is going to get me with some knees – I expect that, it is a fight – but I am gonna get him with my hands, too. You look at those Bambi legs and wonder what happens when I hit him…He’s a kid who’s had it his own way, and the little bit of time he’s not had it exactly how he wants it, he’s sulked and pouted. Same thing at the press conference to announce this fight – I was having fun, joking around, selling the fight but I was giving him props! I was being respectful saying he was the future of the sport and how I like his style and all, but then he started pouting. Why he pout? Because the media people weren’t laughing at his jokes, so he got a “sore botty” because they were laughing at my jokes not his. That’s what the English guys say at the Wolf’s Lair camp, a “sore botty.” Jon Jones will have a very sore booty at UFC 135 when I kick it all over the Octagon.

— Rampage Jackson guest blogging for Yahoo! Sports for his upcoming title shot against Jon Jones at UFC 135

What Rampage Jackson seems to be the most excited about is his weight. He says he’s currently weighing in a 221 lbs. and expects his weight cut next week to be a piece of cake compared to past weight cuts when he had to drop 40-50 pounds over the course of a training camp.

That’s not going to give him any kind of competitive advantage over the champ Jon Jones though. He tweeted yesterday that he’s weighing 219 and included this pic that Rashad Evans promptly poked fun at him for.

Below, Rampage and his team put together a little skit making fun of his weight issues in the past.

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